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Xero Champions!


There’s nothing like being called a Champion is there?

The cloud accounting software giants, Xero, say that their Champions are fast growing businesses who are highly trained in Xero – and we couldn’t agree more.

Silver Champion Partner with Xero

As the leading providers of Xero Training in Norfolk and East Anglia we deliver bespoke Xero training and fixes live in your Xero wherever possible. You get be spend time with Xero Experts, and ask whatever you want to about your accounts, and we get to solve your Xero system problems with you or find a solution plan.

If we can’t fix it your Xero issues nobody can!

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If you need help or training on how to get the best out of Xero get in touch to join the Xero Summer Training in Norwich events.

If you are struggling with the on-line only help from Xero and need to speak to a human, give us a call on 01603 516304 to talk about our Xero Support Package and start resolving your system issues and stop worrying.

Xero Summer Training

You can contact your Xero Champions on 01603 516304 to book a face to face meeting, or follow us on twitter @ShaperAccounts.