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The only mileage app you’ll ever need

Trip Catcher – the only mileage app you’ll ever need

Mileage claims and VAT

5 things to do at a coffee shop stop, whilst out on business.

  1. Order latte.
  2. Scan receipt into Receipt Bank.
  3. Record mileage in Trip Catcher.
  4. 2 minutes later – Catch up on e-mails.
  5. Drink the coffee.

This summarises the experience of our 2 top mobile phone apps that can save you time and money.

The Trip Catcher app manages your mileage claims, using mobile and web apps – saving you time and money.

You can send your mileage claims direct to Xero or Receipt Bank. Use Trip Catcher to record your mileage, calculate the VAT, & help minimise your VAT bill.

As usual you can free trial it for 14 days. Once your life is changed forever, you can buy the app subscription direct, or, better still, from your cloud accountant. Imagine, all your mileage trip data, captured and calculated and then sent straight to your accounts.

You can contact us on our cloud, any time on 01603 516 304 to find out more or chat about the app.

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