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Moving your business to the cloud – 4 Myth busting good reasons to do so

We have lots of Xero bookkeeping and accountancy clients from all over the UK and many in East Anglia.

Some clients were already using Xero when we met, and some were not. Some were using spreadsheets or server based systems like Sage 50.

Here are 4 myth busters that will help you decide to move your bookkeeping and accounting to the cloud.

Check out the 4 most common reasons people give for hesitating about moving their bookkeeping to the cloud. We help you see the advantages cloud accounting gives you.

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Number 1 – Cloud what? It doesn’t add anything to what I already have

Running a business can be stressful, and when you add in family responsibilities, falling behind with friends, domestic matters or interests – suddenly time, or the lack of it, comes into sharper focus. If only you could create more time and get more done.

If you are always out on a job, like a plumber, or any business where you go to the customer you’ll find that cloud accounting enables your mobility. You can login and send invoices, add contacts or check payments. You can even take payments on the go, that are fully connected to your accounting software. If you buy items, on the go, you can take a photo with your phone and send the receipt straight to your bookkeeper – Job done, time created.

We estimate that we save 2.5 minutes per bookkeeping transaction, by asking clients to use the Receipt Bank app to send us their bills, receipts and parking tickets. Clients save all the time they used to spend on doing the bookkeeping themselves.

Receipt Bank App with Shaper Accountants

When it comes to needing more family time, cloud bookkeeping comes to the rescue. You can send invoices, bills and receipts for expense claims by phone app while the dinners cooking – leaving you stress free to play with the children and read the bedtime story.

Say hello to your very own Time creating solution


Number 2 – I can’t learn something new and my staff definitely won’t!

OK, to engage and use cloud business tools and apps you need a few skills and a few items. You need;

  • A smart phone – Apple works best with most business apps. Android is getting better.
  • A laptop, computer or tablet
  • Internet Access
  • Social Media
  • Tip – If you have an office team member to do the bookkeeping or admin – buy an Apple iPod. Download the Receipt Bank App and snap away. It’s cheaper and less contentious than giving someone a phone.

If you have any experience of any of the above, we can teach you how to manage your business on-line with cloud accounting and bookkeeping. Having trained hundreds of clients, we know small, bite sized, learning tips will get you the end result – time creating, efficient, up to date accounts – giving you advantage over your competitors.

Tip – On line you’ll find lots of free training videos for all sorts of cloud accounting software – search on You Tube to see how others can help you.

Say hello to your very own leopards that can change their spots, to get ahead


Number 3 – Cloud Accounting costs too much

Most cloud bookkeeping products are paid for by a monthly fee, with the flexibility to stop the payments whenever you want, like if your business dries up or you switch to another product. The software updates are included and happen seamlessly. Most server based products are a one off upfront cost plus the cost of periodic updates.

You can free trial most products and add them onto your accounting software – Xero or QuickBooks Online – with ease. That way you create a bespoke solution for your company.

Tip – really have no cash? – There are some free bookkeeping products available, with limited functionality, but they do the job if you have time. In the early days of business, you may well have time or if you have a partner who has time to help you, this isn’t a burden. When you start making profits time will be the one thing money can’t buy you.

Even when cash is tight you will appreciate and value the fact that you never lose a receipt again, that you can snap pictures of business items and your bookkeeper has them in hours. The opportunity for more accurate and timely cash flow forecasting is suddenly an option for all cloud bookkeeping clients.

Say hello to creative business tech solutions that works for you – scale up and down and you have technology on your side – to suit your budget.

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Number 4 – I don’t trust the Internet with my data

Most professional Bookkeepers and Accountants take data security very seriously and we only work with cloud software providers who do the same. Internet banking is now the norm, but when it first came along many didn’t believe it would ever catch on. Sometimes holding out for the tide to turn back, can be a long wait, and while you wait others take your customers and win new ones.

Here’s a few tips to make sure you are secure;

  • Whenever you have the option to set up two step authentication for sign ins, do it. You’ll need a mobile phone for this. Tip – check out Google Authenticator
  • Ask your bookkeeper or accountant if they are registered with the Data Protection Office – or check yourself. That way you know they will treat your data with care.
  • Ask which Institute regulates your bookkeeper or accountant – so you know they have integrity and follow the rules.
  • Check out the software provider’s own attitude to data security too.
  • Have good password habits
  • Keep software up to date. Tip – with cloud based software the updates happen and don’t take your time up.
  • Educate you whole team so they all know the signs of malicious emails and work at protecting your business online.

This is what Xero have to say to reassure customers

This is what Receipt Bank have to say


 It’s time to get on board, my friend and take a seat

The Internet has revolutionized the way most of you do business, making you ever more connected with the rest of the world – new markets, suppliers and customer, all buying from you, on-line. To gain courage and understanding check out places like Barclay Eagle Labs where Digital Eagles can help you learn about protecting your business from unwanted cyber attention.

Ask Cloud Bookkeepers and Accountants for demos of software and make good use of the many free trials available, have a good look, then leap.

You can call us, Skype us, email or Tweet us for a tea and tech session to help move you forward.

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