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Here’s our top tips on how to spend £55 plus VAT a month on software and apps to run your business, save you time & help you see your financials.

What do you get for that?

£55 Xero combo

£20 – You get time saving efficiency on your bookkeeping by using the Receipt Bank app.

Receipt Bank currently charge about £20 a month to process 100 items. They base this on an average 3 monthly usage, so you can submit more, but you could pay more if your volumes increase or are higher than you estimate. The Receipt Bank app helps with your bookkeeping, by making the process faster, more automated and you get a scanned copy of the item sent to your accounts, making transactions trackable, meaning VAT queries are easier to deal with and the phone camera app means you can snap and go with those coffee receipts.

That’s about 9 large lattes a month.

£20 – You get standard Xero accounting software. Easy to use, dashboard up front, bank feeds and more. You get up to date accounts.

This is the full price and Xero run plenty of offers lower than this. You get automated bank feeds, sales and purchase billing, all the reports you need for analysis and you can add-on over 400 different software apps that suit your business, as and when you’re ready. So you get straight forward popular accounting software, top level of data security, you’re able to scale up when you need too and you’re ready to compete with all firms.

That’s about another 9 large lattes a month.

£15 – Gets you the simple cashflow forecasting software called Float. You get Control.

Float sucks your accounting data out of Xero and then you add in your forecast numbers. With this price band you get 3 planning scenarios, so you can look at what if? situations, like if you need new staff, or plan to invest in machinery. It’s live and up to date with your actual data and you get control of the cash and an ability to plan bigger or smaller dreams.

That’s another 7 large lattes, from the Coffee Shop on the high street, and no pastry to go.

2 of the business life changers above come with a free phone app to enhance functionality, and you can access anytime. All 3 have a help line, and lots of on-line tutorials, as well as free trials. This means anyone, any size can access this Xero Combo and run their business themselves, or with an accountant.

So, that’s our 3 top tips to save you time, get you on-line storage for your paper, give you real time live accounts that you can see on you mobile phone app, and gives you the power of cash flow forecasting and cash scenario planning.

Pretty good for the price? Or you could get a large latte every day instead. Tough one.

latte challenge