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Powerful new App launched by Shaper Accountants

It’s landed!

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The Brand new App from Shaper Accountants

We are constantly looking for ways we can improve the service we offer our clients and friends, and we are proud to announce the launch of our brand new Shaper App.  It’s completely free of charge to download and it’s available for iPhone, iPads and Android phones and devices.

So the next time you need to look up a tax rate or work out a VAT calculation, our new App can help.  It provides you with up to date, important accountancy data at your fingertips.


Photo Receipt Management, Email and Store

Never lose a receipt again! Using the latest app you can track receipts and expenses literally at the touch of a button. With minimal effort you can take a picture of any receipt and save it to your App. Any additional information can be added later and receipts stored by amount, category, and date.

It can help you track all your expenses with ease and enable us to interact electronically with you.

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If we do your bookkeeping for you and you use Receipt Bank, you can access that too from the Shaper App too.

GPS Mileage Tracking and Management tool | iOS only

When it comes to mileage half the battle is keeping an accurate tab on your journeys. Using the built-in GPS in your device, it will automatically help you to track mileage helping you to record every single trip at the touch of a button. Plus it also manages trips as well, storing them and allowing them to view, edit or email with complete ease.

Micro Business - Accounts and Tax

Keeping in touch

We are committed to finding ways to communicate and interact with clients in the most efficient possible way.  The new App enables us to send push notifications to all App users.  We will be using this feature to share with you important news, deadline reminders and financial updates.

It’s available for iPhone, iPad and Android devices and it’s available free of charge today. Click on the App store, search for Shaper Accountants and download our handy little App that will make life much easier for you.


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Know your Cash Flow

Every business owner needs cash and most are acutely aware of it, especially in the early years.

You may have to juggle wages, VAT bills, personal or company tax bills and chase late payers to get the cash you’re owed. You may be paying from personal savings to start up the business of your dreams and all cash does is flow outwards. Whatever your situation, Cash is still King.

Not only have you become a bank account watcher, someone who builds and stares at an excel spreadsheet, that soon takes on a life of its own but you may annoy your precious customers by actually daring to ask them to pay on time, and that leads to anxiety about repeat business or a damaged business relationship. You know you’re experiencing cash flow stress and it is not a good feeling.

Could you pay less VAT?

As a small business owner cash flow anxiety certainly makes you aware that you are human. All the emotions are yours and yours alone, and the person who has to take the action, is you as well. As an Accountant to small business humans it’s the emotional side of the cash flow anxiety that I see doing more damage than just taking the shine off your lovely business.

The thing about cash that you sometimes miss, is that it’s as essential to know the Flow as it is the amounts to go in or out. It’s the timing that matters – that is the Flow. Software and Apps that help manage the cash and its flow can be life savers to you and your business and as much as you love Excel, and I do too, you can reduce more stress by using the right tools for the right job. Here are 6 Tips to help you go with the Flow of your business.

Tip 1 – Use cloud accounting software Xero or Quick Books Online are best. They are the market leaders and match up to each other in functionality – if one launches something the other develops it too – this is all in your best interest as the owner of a small business that needs cash to develop itself.

Move from Sage to Xero

Tip 2 – Get good Cash Flow software that adds on seamlessly to you accounting software. That means everything in the accounts is automatically put into the cash flow. No more worries about spreadsheet formulas, or forgetting something. It also means you can review reliable data and add in forecasts going forward. So if your bad payer says they will pay you in 90 days instead of 30 you can accurately plan for that, and follow up to make sure it comes in.

Tip 3 – Share your accounts and cash flow software with your adviser or Accountant. The best thing you can add to Xero or QuickBooks is an Accountant. They can check over what you’ve got – you always have to input the sales forecast – and they know when you should, or may have to, pay HMRC tax, salaries, loans, get a VAT repayment etc. Remember the key payment dates for PAYE, corporation tax and VAT. Your adviser can forecast your VAT payments based on your sales forecast and you get to see your business in cash terms instead of profit or loss terms.

Tip 4 – Cash Flow software like Float will give youscenario planning as well. You can look at “what if” scenarios, like what if I took on a new staff member, what if I bought new technology or what if I paid myself more money.


Shaper Accountants Norwich

Tip 5 – Reliable software will let you see the Flow. This means you can see the cash crunches coming. You can ask the bank for an overdraft facility, you can show any financers that you have tight internal controls over cash management, and your stress levels will reduce because the sense of reliable control will also increase.

Tip 6 – Open a separate bank account to transfer cash reserves. This helps you save the cash for tax bills, save to repay investors or for new items you want to buy.

Taking control of the Cash Flow will help you take control of your wellbeing.


Blog written by Carolinecaroline connor FCMA




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How to use Xero better – 5 top tips

So, you’ve made the move to Xero Accounting Software for your small business.

Hooray, welcome aboard.

Here are 5 ways you can get a better grip on Xero, and boost your knowledge of what this software can do for you and your business.

Xero U and TV Education

1.  Get good start up tips and training from your Xero accountant

Many of you will have been introduced to Xero by your Accountants. If you are lucky they will be Xero fans who specialise in this software. Choose an accountant who doesn’t sell every cloud software on the market, that way you’re more likely to get the support you need, as the level of expertise will be greater – helping you faster and making your accounts automation more efficient.

Your accounts should have been set up for you, or converted from another system; and you should be given a good overview and training to get started. Tip – try to ensure you have 1 or 2 future dates scheduled with your Accountants so they can give you training in bite sized sessions rather than the big bang approach where you can be left to sink or swim.

Most Xero Accountants will offer free phone advice – just call if you get stuck, as you’re only a few clicks away from them. Many will also offer workshops or extra training as needed – some for free and some at extra cost.

2.  Xero U – Education for small businesses and their Accountants

Want self help fast and for free? All the free resources and courses found here will help you enormously. Not only is the content refreshed frequently, it’s free to use.

It is a totally transparent view of the software and what it does. If you plan a DIY approach to your accounts and bookkeeping this site may well become your best friend – and you’ll definitely want to favourite it.

3.  Xero TV

Need a quick solution? Or want to watch over a cup of coffee? You can watch what’s possible on Xero, in quick-fire clips that show what Xero can do for your business. Perfect for deciding if you need to learn more about a particular feature, or for just keeping up to date.

Xero anywhere theres internet

4.  Xero You Tube Channel

If you like You Tube this one’s for you. Packed full of great content. You’ll find some of the older, American style promotional videos, alongside some useful how to? videos. You may also like the features, tutorials, tips and tricks for small businesses. 

5. Ask your expert as often as you need to

Finally, don’t ever be afraid to ask questions. That way you get the most of the software that will become the beating heart of your business. Once you’ve mastered the accounting basics you can turn your attention to the many add-on apps that integrate seamlessly with Xero. You’ll find an app for most of your business needs, meaning Xero becomes your business system, not just your accounting system. 

Best Xero Accountants

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