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How to use Xero better – 5 top tips

So, you’ve made the move to Xero Accounting Software for your small business.

Hooray, welcome aboard.

Here are 5 ways you can get a better grip on Xero, and boost your knowledge of what this software can do for you and your business.

Xero U and TV Education

1.  Get good start up tips and training from your Xero accountant

Many of you will have been introduced to Xero by your Accountants. If you are lucky they will be Xero fans who specialise in this software. Choose an accountant who doesn’t sell every cloud software on the market, that way you’re more likely to get the support you need, as the level of expertise will be greater – helping you faster and making your accounts automation more efficient.

Your accounts should have been set up for you, or converted from another system; and you should be given a good overview and training to get started. Tip – try to ensure you have 1 or 2 future dates scheduled with your Accountants so they can give you training in bite sized sessions rather than the big bang approach where you can be left to sink or swim.

Most Xero Accountants will offer free phone advice – just call if you get stuck, as you’re only a few clicks away from them. Many will also offer workshops or extra training as needed – some for free and some at extra cost.

2.  Xero U – Education for small businesses and their Accountants

Want self help fast and for free? All the free resources and courses found here will help you enormously. Not only is the content refreshed frequently, it’s free to use.

It is a totally transparent view of the software and what it does. If you plan a DIY approach to your accounts and bookkeeping this site may well become your best friend – and you’ll definitely want to favourite it.

3.  Xero TV

Need a quick solution? Or want to watch over a cup of coffee? You can watch what’s possible on Xero, in quick-fire clips that show what Xero can do for your business. Perfect for deciding if you need to learn more about a particular feature, or for just keeping up to date.

Xero anywhere theres internet

4.  Xero You Tube Channel

If you like You Tube this one’s for you. Packed full of great content. You’ll find some of the older, American style promotional videos, alongside some useful how to? videos. You may also like the features, tutorials, tips and tricks for small businesses. 

5. Ask your expert as often as you need to

Finally, don’t ever be afraid to ask questions. That way you get the most of the software that will become the beating heart of your business. Once you’ve mastered the accounting basics you can turn your attention to the many add-on apps that integrate seamlessly with Xero. You’ll find an app for most of your business needs, meaning Xero becomes your business system, not just your accounting system. 

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