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Family-Friendly Accountants

Need a Family Friendly Accountant?

Family Friendly Accountants

Once it’s August have you noticed how the business and social landscape changes around you? It’s a challenge to get to the shops through a sea of young faces and teenagers, and the office seems to empty of a few key staff.

Many small business owners have children or carer responsibilities. Or you may have staff with a family – and once the long school holidays start, doing business as usual can become impossible.

At Shaper Accountants we have family friendly working policies and ideals, and absolutely welcome you with, your children at our offices – especially during the school holidays!

Many modern working practices make it much easier to work around children, or with children around.

We use cloud accounting software to allow our team (and you) to work anywhere you can access the internet, and at any time. We love using Skype to catch up with you, whether you are at home, or out and about. Communication is key – phone, e-mail, text and Skype mean many of you can run your business from anywhere.

If you need to see your Accountant or Business Adviser, child care can become an issue. In many cases mobile communications and on-line access to your accounts can fix that problem. But if face to face and coffee, is what you need, you can bring your youngsters with you here, in Norwich.

Attitude is Everything. Once you accept that we live in a world with all kinds of people in it, and you think creatively, it is possible to help business parents, staff with families, mums and dads to get on with doing business, as well as spending time with family.

We understand that work and family are not mutually exclusive.

Why is it important to be a family friendly firm? Because talented parents are able to pursue career ambitions rather than sacrifice all that went before children – skills and talent stays in business, the culture of such firms is improved and for practical reasons it just makes sense to support those who juggle family and work. If it’s possible to have flexible working arrangements then it’s possible to make it work.

There are lots of guides to support business parents. Here’s one from Xero about home-working productivity.