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Time-Tracking on projects and WorkflowMax

WorkflowMax Advisers helping you manage projects

Project based businesses

If you work in a service industry, for example, if you are a Creative agency, an Architect, a Building & Construction business, a Consultant, Engineer or an IT Services firm –  you will probably work on a project for a client that lasts more than a few weeks, months and sometimes even years. You may need to invoice your client at regular intervals, and keep the work on track and within budget. Because of the long tail nature of this type of work knowing your numbers, and keeping on track are even more important.

Slicker Workflow

The way small businesses function today, has dramatically changed. The quicker and slicker your workflow is, and the closer you are to knowing your numbers – the better placed you are to make a profit.

In the past small businesses have used a variety of software bolted together – and that meant poor  integrations that really didn’t work well. This approach leads to work duplication like double keying, inaccessible data, the need to access multiple systems and then to analyse the data when it’s merged together. You may be aware of these kinds of inefficiencies in your own workflow system, but maybe you haven’t looked for a more modern, integrated solution yet? If your business processes are painful, time consuming and costly maybe you need to look at simpler, more efficient solutions.


Workflow Solutions

Workflow and profit are closely linked, and accountants nowadays need to be cloud integrators and workflow advisers as well as number crunchers. The days of a once a year chat with your accountant should be well and truly over, especially if you work in one of the industries mentioned above.

What about WorkflowMax?

WorkflowMax offers you a complete, cloud based solution to manage projects and jobs. It’s often all a small business needs when it’s integrated with Xero accounting software, or any of the add-on apps available do you can customize your system to suit your business.


What is needed for service, project based businesses, is a complete and powerful solution – whatever the size of your team. With everything in one system and in the cloud, data is always up to date everywhere and accessible from anywhere. Reports give you useful insights that are always real time and available upon the click of a button.

You can free trial WorkflowMax for 2 weeks or you can talk to one of our WorkflowMax Advisers by getting in touch with us to see how we can help make your workflow better.