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More Tips from the Norwich Xero Accountants

Here’s a few tips and tricks to make your life even easier on Xero.

Feature of the week – Files!

You can check out this powerful feature on your dashboard – top right “Files” icon.

Xero Accountants from Norwich

This lovely feature gives you the ability to link documents, invoices and even your own notes to a source document. You can send e-mails direct to your Xero files as well – keeping all your key backup together. You can store records here too, as Xero gives you masses of free storage, so for example, warranties for your Espresso Machine, engineer call out details, insurance documents and last year’s statutory accounts, can all be stored in your file directory for reference.

Extra Tips with the Files Feature in Xero

  • You can use it as a parking bay!

If you haven’t got time to deal with an item right now, or you need more information, you can avoid forgetting about it by snapping it using the Xero Touch App, send it to Files, and process the items later when you have time.

  • Smile please!

You can attach a photo of a customer to their contact details. Always handy to out a face to a name.

  • Use it for On Billing

You can attach a bill to an invoice to re charge to a customer. If you charge on costs to clients you can attach the original bill to their invoice, boosting trust in you and reducing queries.

  • Show off a Presentation

Or you can even attach a presentation for directors who access Xero. This way everyone knows where to find things and you can stay process focussed & more efficient.

How do you attach files?

The answer is in any way you want. You can simply email or drag and drop them in. Or send photos via the Xero Touch phone app.

The “email documents straight to your Files inbox in Xero” feature is a great way of forwarding bills you receive from your suppliers, this is efficient, and you can deal with them later.

Tips from a Xero Accountant

Should you care?

When you’re busy it’s understandable that you may overlook simple features like Files. But it’s an easy and simple way for you and your business to improve compliance and efficiency.

Make sure you’re keeping the information you need, by adding documents, contracts and other important records to your accounting transactions or just storing them in one place.

You can also increase collaboration with your accountant by dragging and dropping what they need, when they need it, into Files.

Xero makes keeping everything together in one place easy and smooth. We think you’ll agree it’s another business life changing feature you’ll love. Don’t forget you can get more free courses and help from Xero U.

How to use Xero better – 5 top tips

So, you’ve made the move to Xero Accounting Software for your small business.

Hooray, welcome aboard.

Here are 5 ways you can get a better grip on Xero, and boost your knowledge of what this software can do for you and your business.

Xero U and TV Education

1.  Get good start up tips and training from your Xero accountant

Many of you will have been introduced to Xero by your Accountants. If you are lucky they will be Xero fans who specialise in this software. Choose an accountant who doesn’t sell every cloud software on the market, that way you’re more likely to get the support you need, as the level of expertise will be greater – helping you faster and making your accounts automation more efficient.

Your accounts should have been set up for you, or converted from another system; and you should be given a good overview and training to get started. Tip – try to ensure you have 1 or 2 future dates scheduled with your Accountants so they can give you training in bite sized sessions rather than the big bang approach where you can be left to sink or swim.

Most Xero Accountants will offer free phone advice – just call if you get stuck, as you’re only a few clicks away from them. Many will also offer workshops or extra training as needed – some for free and some at extra cost.

2.  Xero U – Education for small businesses and their Accountants

Want self help fast and for free? All the free resources and courses found here will help you enormously. Not only is the content refreshed frequently, it’s free to use.

It is a totally transparent view of the software and what it does. If you plan a DIY approach to your accounts and bookkeeping this site may well become your best friend – and you’ll definitely want to favourite it.

3.  Xero TV

Need a quick solution? Or want to watch over a cup of coffee? You can watch what’s possible on Xero, in quick-fire clips that show what Xero can do for your business. Perfect for deciding if you need to learn more about a particular feature, or for just keeping up to date.

Xero anywhere theres internet

4.  Xero You Tube Channel

If you like You Tube this one’s for you. Packed full of great content. You’ll find some of the older, American style promotional videos, alongside some useful how to? videos. You may also like the features, tutorials, tips and tricks for small businesses. 

5. Ask your expert as often as you need to

Finally, don’t ever be afraid to ask questions. That way you get the most of the software that will become the beating heart of your business. Once you’ve mastered the accounting basics you can turn your attention to the many add-on apps that integrate seamlessly with Xero. You’ll find an app for most of your business needs, meaning Xero becomes your business system, not just your accounting system. 

Best Xero Accountants

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5 ways an accountant can help your small business

Hiring a good accountant can add real value to your business. Not only will they help you manage your accounts, they will also help you to make better business decisions, help your company grow, legally minimise your tax bill, and, of course, save you lots of time on admin.

Here’s 5 of the perks of having a professional accountant:Accountants for small business


Grow your business

A good accountant will be able to offer guidance on taking your business to the next level and the best way to do it, from structuring the business properly to making sure you avoid pitfalls such as overtrading. Good accountants provide consultations for free and will be up to date with the latest technology that can save you time and money.


 Minimise your tax bill

Few people can say they’re genuinely on top of taxation rules and regulations, but that’s just what your accountant is there for. An accountant will go through your business with a fine-tooth comb and check to see that you’re making full use of any tax allowances and reliefs you can claim.


Help you to raise finance

Accountants aren’t there simply to manage your money. They can also steer you in the right direction for additional finance without putting your business at risk, looking at options such as taking out a loan, increasing an overdraft or issuing share capital. They can also help you sell shares in your business, crowdfund or find other investment.


Meet your needs

Before hiring an accountant, take time to consider what your business needs. If you’re a small start-up that needs a lot of handholding, don’t opt for a firm that specialises in accountancy for multi-nationals. Make a list of all the things you’d expect your accountant to help you with, and then shop around for the accountancy business that best suits your company’s needs. An experienced accountant, for example, can advise a small business on issues such as adequate working capital, good stock control and invoicing. If you want cloud accounting products and add on business apps, pick an accountant that uses them and is an expert. Ask questions and make sure you’re a good fit.


Register you and advise you on VAT

If your annual turnover is getting close to or is above £81,000, you’ll need to become VAT registered. If you make all, or nearly all, of your sales to VAT-registered businesses, you may benefit from being VAT registered even if you are under the threshold, as you can then reclaim VAT on any business expenses you incur. An accountant can deal with VAT registration for you – leaving you with less admin to worry about! Don’t forget there are many VAT schemes – your accountant can advise you on the best one, and even advise you to switch if it benefits you.

That’s just 5 ways hiring a professional accountant can help you.

If you meet with a Xero Accountant with expertise in helping you choose the best business apps to use in combination with Xero you’ll see great results in time saving and better business processes.

To talk to an adviser for free you can e-mail, find us on Facebook – shaperaccountantsuk or tweet us @ShaperAccounts

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